Water Rescue
By FF Daniel Grizzle
November 15, 2018

This morning at approximately 8:52AM Buechel Fire-EMS was dispatched to a possible water rescue at Breckenridge and Six Mile Lanes. The caller advised they had seen a vehicle in the water but did not know if it was occupied.

Engine 37, Medic 87 and Cars 01, 02 and 06 arrived to find a single vehicle submerged in about 3 feet of water. Firefighters geared up quickly for a rescue, still unsure of the vehicles occupancy at the time. Firefighter J. Yuodis entered the frigid water shortly after arrival and found the vehicle to be empty.

This intersection is notorious for vehicles getting stuck in high water situations. More often than not, the viaduct underneath the train bridge fills up with water after a heavy rain. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when approaching areas such as this. The results of this run could have been much worse.

Here’s pictures and a clip of your Buechel Firefighters in action!

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