New Fleet Services
By Chief Adam Jones
December 19, 2019

Buechel Fire-EMS is happy to announce a partnership with Horton Emergency Vehicles a Division of the REV Group and Specialty Truck Repair as we become the local warranty repair center for all Horton Ambulances. As the new warranty repair center, we will offer full repair of warranty issues as well as full capabilities to provide all fleet preventative services and repairs of all brands of vehicles and ambulances as well as diagnostics. The service center will be operated by ASE Master Truck Technician Captain Bryan Buckley with over 25 years of experience working as a mechanic. Our goal will be to keep the high-quality products from Horton running strong and your crew’s in-service with less down time by meeting all your maintenance needs.

Please feel free to contact us directly at (502) 384-3737 or at Again, we would like to give thanks to Horton and Specialty Truck Repair for this new partnership.